Where Can I See All of the Videos in the Library?

You can browse all the videos in detail, complete with screenshots and descriptions here.

For a list of all the videos, you can download our Social Skills Video Index here.

Were these videos created by a licensed professional?

Yes! All videos were written by Everyday Speech co-founder Brittany Lehane, CCC-SLP. Brittany used her experiences as an ASHA-certified SLP to write all the scripts, and was present during the entire filming process to make sure our videos turned out just right.

How do I watch the videos?

Our videos are entirely digital. That means no DVD’s to lose or damage! After purchasing, our videos will be instantly emailed to you.

Videos can be streamed from any web browser on any computer, tablet, or smartphone, so even if you don’t have your device, you can just log into your account for access!

You can also use the VHX app for offline access on your iPad.

To learn more about how to watch our videos, please read our guide: Getting Started With VHX.

What is VHX?

VHX is a video distribution platform we are using to deliver these videos to you. VHX provides an awesome website and mobile app that makes watching videos incredibly easy.

When you purchase a video, you’ll be able to create a VHX account to manage all your videos from one place.

To learn more about VHX, visit their website at https://www.vhx.tv/

What Ages Are These Videos Appropriate For?

We know every individual is unique, but our users have had success with students ranging from 6 through high school and young adulthood. A lot depends on your specific situation!

For reference, our current videos have 6 main groups of actors. 3 groups are aged 11-13, and 3 groups are 14-18.

Is There Any Way To Try the Videos First?

If you’d like to view all the videos prior to making a larger purchase, we suggest signing up for the subscription. You’ll get your first 30 days free! If you like the videos, you can upgrade to an annual subscription! If they aren’t for you, cancel anytime within the first month and you won’t have to pay a penny!

Will you be making more videos?

Yes! We’re adding new videos monthly!

Have an idea for a video you’d like to see? Contact us.

Do You Accept Purchase Orders?

Yes, we currently accept Purchase Orders for our Annual Subscription. To get our W9 and learn more, please visit this page.

Everyday Speech Social Skills Videos

Real kids. Real easy. Real fun.

I love these videos because they are completely real-life…My students actually WANT to be like the students featured in the video, and that makes getting them to imitate these social skills much easier for this SLP!

–  Nicole Allison, CCC-SLP, Allison's Speech Peeps

This is already a GREAT tool for effectively teaching social skills. My students are already begging for more!

–  TeachSpeech365.com

Anybody love video modeling for your students, especially when targeting social skills? I sure do, but find it difficult to find appropriate videos! Everyday Speech has got it covered, and it’s really an amazing solution.

–  Shannon Lisowe, CCC-SLP, Speechy Musings

Everyday Speech has developed videos that fill a BIG need in the social skills department…If you work on social skills these should definitely be in your toolbox!

–  Maureen Wilson, CCC-SLP, The Speech Bubble

These videos rock. I mean seriously, where else can you get videos specifically designed for the topic you need to teach that goes into the depth and detail that these videos do?

–  Sharon Schackmann, CCC-SLP, Speech With Sharon

Fun, Engaging Videos For Instant Lessons, Ready to Go

Get Everyone's Perspective

We contrast expected and unexpected behaviors and show you what the group is thinking.

There's a Worksheet for That

All our videos come with companion worksheets, so creating an entire lesson is as easy as pressing play.

Watch Anywhere

Download instantly for all your devices: PCs, Macs, iPad & Android tablets, even smartphones!

Video Bundles

Basic Conversation Skills - Younger

Basic Conversation Skills - Older

Advanced Conversation Skills - Younger

Advanced Conversation Skills - Older

Nonverbal Communication - Younger

Nonverbal Communication - Older

Making Friends - Younger

Making Friends - Older

Keeping Self-Control & Handling Stress - Younger

Keeping Self-Control & Handling Stress - Older

Solving Conflicts With Peers - Younger

Solving Conflicts With Peers - Older

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