“Let’s Be Social is a Dream Come True.”

Penina Rybak, CCC-SLP, CEO Socially Speaking

v3.0 Now Available

Let’s be Social Helps Teach Social Skills

  • 40 Premium Lessons
  • 5 High Quality Video Lessons
  • Interactive Q&A Accompanies Every Lesson
  • Create your Own Lessons with your Own Pictures and Text!

“I would highly recommend this app to SLPs, but also to special education teachers, and parents…be sure to put Let’s Be Social on your purchase list for your iOS devices.” – Jill Kuzma, CCC-SLP, Jill’s Social/Emotional Skills Sharing Site

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What People Are Saying About Let's be Social:

  • Testimonial 5
    Let’s be Social is really a very complete app with the option to add your own content if needed.  Everyday Speech has taken into consideration what I believe are the most likely social scenarios to cause a student difficulty.  The [lessons] are written in a simple and concise manner which is very helpful for our students with social difficulties and different learning styles. I definitely recommend this app if you’re looking for some nice social [content] with built in questions for your students. 

    Jackie Bryla / Act by Jackie Bryla /

  • testimonial 4
    If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for quality apps for social skills! They can be TOUGH to find! Enter in the fabulous “Let’s Be Social” app… [Let’s be Social!] makes it super easy to create your own custom content to fit the needs of any pragmatic kiddo on your caseload!     

    Shannon Lisowe / Speechymusings.com /

  • Testimonial 3
    "Let's be social is a fantastic new app I came across when researching for some social behaviour exercises for some clients in the UK. It's been a complete hit with every child I've used it with! It forms a great natural platform to initially discuss social communication with clients without being overly direct."

    Shannon James / London Speech Therapy /

  • Daniel Answering a question
    What a great app! You did such a great job making it user friendly! Especially for parents to make those social stories! Love that you made it easy to add photos and really personalize for each child!...I’m recommending this app to my son’s school teacher as well! This app is so functional across home and school settings! Love the positive reinforcement when you complete a lesson! You can see in Daniel’s reaction at the end of the social story! He was proud!!! Thanks for making a difference for these kids who struggle with communication! 

    Ann / Let's be Social! Customer /

What is Let’s be Social?

Let’s be Social helps teach social skills to those with developmental delays, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder

With 40 premium lessons written by ASHA certified SLP’s, 5 premium video lessons, and the ability to create completely customized lessons from scratch in minutes using your own pictures and text, Let’s be Social is a powerful tool designed to help special needs professionals and parents model and teach social skills to those that struggle with social communication. 

Premium Lessons 

  • Lesson Summaries model expected actions and emotions felt during each lesson 
  • Q&A mode breaks the lesson down into smaller parts and measures retention 
  • 40 Lessons are organized in 5 skill sets: Personal Interactions, Navigating the Community, School Behavior, Handling Change, and Social Relationships 

Video Content

  • 5 Premium Videos shot in high definition dive deep and show the subtleties and nuances of personal interactions and body language
  • Video narration and on-screen text introduces the concept, shows unexpected actions and consequences, then expected actions and skill reinforcement
  • “Thought bubbles” allow you to go in each character’s head to see what they are thinking
  • Full subtitles available for each video
  • Videos are followed by Q&A to reinforce concepts taught

Create your Own Content 

  • Fast, intuitive content creation tools allow the user to create completely customized lessons on the fly 
  • Address any one of the hundreds of social interactions that happen every day 
  • Take pictures or use images saved to your device to support your lessons. Take pictures during role playing exercises to save those memories! Or, take pictures of relatives to prepare for a family trip. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Designed for the iPad, Let’s be Social helps Speech Language Pathologists, Special Ed Teachers, and Parents work on pragmatic language, or social skills, with their children or clients.

Let\\’s be Social! comes standard with 25 lessons. The lessons are organized into “skill sets”, which are the high level concept you\\’re working on. The five skill sets that come standard in Let\\’s be Social! are:

  • Personal Interactions
  • Navigating the Community
  • School Behavior
  • Handling Change
  • Social Relationships

Each lesson starts off with a lesson summary, which goes over expected actions and emotions felt at each stage of the interaction. After the lesson summary, each lesson has 4-5 questions, which break down the lesson and prompt the end user to choose the correct answer from a list of 3 choices.

In addition to the standard content, Let\\’s be Social! also provides incredible flexibility by allowing the user to create their own skill sets & lessons, write their own questions, and use their own pictures. You can create completely customized new lessons for whatever situation your child or client is facing within seconds.

If you\\’d like to learn more about Let\\’s be Social!, we encourage you to watch our walk-through:

Let’s be Social was specifically created to meet the needs of those who have special needs. Let’s be Social! can be used by any child that may have trouble understanding pragmatic language, including reading body language, following conversational rules, or feeling isolated from peers. Some of the populations that have used Let’s be Social! are:

  • On the autism spectrum
  • Developmentally delayed
  • Deaf/Hard of Hearing
  • Social/Emotional

In addition to those listed above, parents of neurotypical children have used Let’s be Social as a way to prepare their children for new, exciting social situations, such as the first day of school.

One of the best parts of Let’s be Social! is the ability to add your own content. Inside the app, content can be added at all 3 levels; skill sets, lessons, and questions. One piece of feedback we’ve consistently gotten is just how easy and intuitive it is to create your own lessons and questions.

To see just how easy it is to add your own content, watch the video below:

All of the standard content in Let’s be Social! was created by ASHA-certified SLPs. All of our content is based on real world experience working with children and young adults with a variety of needs, and is focused on key concepts in pragmatic language.

Let’s be Social! is available for iPad, iOS 6.0 and greater. We currently have no plans to create an Android or Windows application.

The full lesson list for Let’s be Social is:

Personal Interactions

  • Making Eye Contact
  • Greeting Friends
  • Keeping Personal Space
  • Taking Turns in Conversation
  • Joining a Group
  • Staying on Topic
  • Interrupting
  • Voice Volume

Navigating the Community

  • Going to the Doctor\\’s
  • Playing on the Playground
  • Eating at a Restaurant
  • Going to the Movies
  • Going to the Grocery Store
  • Getting a Haircut
  • Going to the Dentist
  • Talking to Strangers

School Behavior

  • Sitting in Class
  • Making Inappropriate Noises
  • Waiting in Line
  • Eating in the Cafeteria
  • Respecting Teachers
  • Reading in Front of the Class
  • Asking for Help
  • Losing Self Control

Handling Change

  • Transitioning at School
  • Dealing with Disappointment
  • Going to a New School
  • Breaking the Rules
  • Not Getting Your Way
  • Big or Small Problem?
  • A Change In Your Schedule
  • Coming Back from Vacation

Social Relationships

  • Apologizing
  • Making Friends
  • Hurting a Friend’s Feelings
  • Playing at a Friend\\’s House
  • Being Teased
  • Helping a Friend
  • Understanding Jokes
  • Using a Filter


  • Making Eye Contact
  • Keeping Personal Space
  • Taking Turns In Conversation
  • Understanding Sarcasm
  • Using a Filter


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