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Getting Started With the Worksheet Creator

Welcome to the latest creation from Everyday Speech, the Speech Therapy Worksheet Creator – the name says it all. This tool helps SLP’s, teachers, behavioral professionals, and parents quickly create custom worksheets from one of our predesigned templates. The templates we have available are:

  • Question and Answer
  • Sorting
  • Spinner
  • Matching
  • Fill in the Blank

In addition to allowing you to create your own worksheets, we’ve made it super easy to find worksheets that other educators have created – you can search by keyword, subject, and worksheet type, then save all your worksheets to one place!

Where Can I Find the Worksheet Creator?

The worksheet creator is located at:  – bookmark it for easy access!

Alright – let’s get started!

The Admin Bar – Your Guide to the Worksheet Creator

At the top of every worksheet creator related page, you’ll see our admin bar. It’s a thin gray strip with buttons that allows you to perform different worksheet functions:

Worksheet Creator Admin Bar

We’re going to go from right to left on the admin bar to explain what each button does, but the most important thing to remember is to look at the very top of your screen to navigate around the different worksheet creator areas.

Creating a Free Account

On the right side of the admin bar, you’ll notice areas for logging in and creating accounts:

Worksheet Creator Create Account

To create a worksheet and enjoy all of the features the worksheet creator has to offer, you’ll need to create an account. Why? Because without an account, we can’t know who created and saved each worksheet – meaning we can’t organize them nicely for you or make them private (more on that later) if you want it just for you.

If you haven’t already, select Create Account, and enter in the email and password you’d like to use for the worksheet creator. You can also sign up for Material Mix Monday (optional), which is a weekly email we send out with the best worksheets of the week!

Create your account, and you’re all set!

Creating Worksheets

Once you’re logged in, you can create your worksheets by either clicking the Create New Worksheet button on the admin bar or by navigating directly to

You can select which worksheet you want to create. Rather than go over how each individual template works here, we suggest that you hover over a template with your mouse and select Watch Tutorial to see a short, 2-3 minute overview of how to use a specific template. After you use each template once, they are pretty easy to get the hang of!

Public vs. Private

At the end of the creation process, you’ll be asked whether you want the worksheet to be public or private. Public worksheets are viewable by the rest of the worksheet creator community and can be downloaded by anyone. Private worksheets are available only to you.

The vast majority of worksheets can be Public without issue – anyway, the point of the worksheet creator is to work together as a community to create great, free resources that other educators can use! The more worksheets there are, the more valuable the tool!

We suggest making worksheets Private when they contain specific private information about a student, or are so targeted at an individual that they aren’t appropriate for the general population.

Editing and Deleting Worksheets

You can always edit or delete your worksheet by going to the individual link of the worksheet. You can get to a worksheet you’ve created by clicking on My Worksheets in the admin bar and then clicking Go to Worksheet on the individual worksheet you want to edit.

Get More Worksheets – A Treasure Trove of Activities!

Moving from right to left on the admin bar, our next stop is Get More Worksheets:

Get More Worksheets

This links to our worksheet repository – an App Store of sorts of our worksheets. Click on that button or navigate directly to the repository at

Sorting Through Worksheets

We’ve organized the worksheets in a few different ways, to try to get you the best cross-section of worksheets possible. The sections are:

  • Featured – Hand selected worksheets. These could be focused around an upcoming holiday, or just worksheets we really like!
  • Trending Now – The worksheets with the most downloads recently.
  • Most Downloaded – The worksheets with the most all time downloads.
  • Newest  – A listing of all public worksheets, newest first.

Searching for Worksheets

At the top of the worksheet creator, we have a search function:

Search for Worksheets

You can filter by Type (Q&A, sorting, etc.), a subject area (social skills, articulation), or by a specific keyword.

I’ve Found A Worksheet. Now What?

Under each worksheet in the repository, you’ll see several options:

Worksheet Card

From left to right the buttons will:

  • Download the Worksheet – a PDF file.
  • Save it To My Worksheets – more on this in a minute.
  • Open a Full Screen Preview
  • Bring You to the Individual Worksheet Page – good for getting the direct link to share with friends, or to see more about the worksheet.
  • Copy Link – Copy the link to the worksheet to your clipboard for easy sharing!

My Worksheets – Save All Your Favorites in One Place

We’ve made a couple of references to it already, so just what is My Worksheets?

My Worksheets

Well, it’s pretty simple! Any worksheet you create is available for you at any time by clicking that icon or navigating directly to

In addition, that heart button that you see at the bottom of each worksheet card? Clicking that will save that worksheet to My Worksheets instantly – so you’ll always have the worksheet handy. If you decide you don’t want a worksheet anymore, just select the heart button again and it’ll be removed!

My Worksheets looks very similar to the worksheet repository, except that it’s only the worksheets you’ve saved!

My Worksheets

From here, download your favorite worksheet again or share the link with friends!

Wrapping Up – Sign Up For Material Mix Monday!

We’re extremely excited about the possibilities for the worksheet creator! The best part is, the more you create, the better the tool becomes. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you haven’t signed up for Material Mix Monday, we highly suggest doing so! It’s a once weekly email with the best worksheets from the worksheet creator community – a great way to start your week with some activities that are ready to go!

You can sign up here.

Enjoy the Worksheet Creator!

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Free Social Skills Videos! 6 Videos for Elementary Through High School Students

We’ve recently released 6 free social skills videos on YouTube! These videos are a part of our social skills videos library – over 200 social skills videos designed to help aide social learning from elementary through high school. Our digital videos are available for instant viewing on ALL your devices: PCs, Macs, iPad + Android tablets, and smartphones.

To browse all of our videos, as well as see screenshots and descriptions, go here.

Click here to get a 30 Day FREE, unlimited trial of our social skills videos. You’ll even get access to ALL the videos we add in the future, for no extra charge!

Please Note: You can also view these as a playlist on YouTube.

Update 2: We’ve recently added a new video type – an Interactive Game to YouTube. With our most recent update, we’ve added pure modeling videos – a straightforward demonstration of a skill – as well as more than 25 interactive games, designed to reinforce skills learned. Check out our most popular video ever – Emotions Bingo!

Emotions Bingo

You can download the Bingo boards here.

Update: Make it 7! We recently added a new video, Compromising, to YouTube. Enjoy!


When Kate and Sarah are making plans, Kate really wants to get Chinese food and go bowling. When Sarah says she doesn’t like those things, Kate doesn’t want to change the plans. Kate learns about compromising – when you take one piece of everyone’s idea to make everyone happy.

Making Connected Comments

Chris and Alessandra are talking about Chris’s soccer game when Alessandra starts talking about her favorite type of pizza. Chris is confused because what Alessandra said didn’t connect back to what Chris said. Alessandra learns that comments should fit together, like puzzle pieces. When she tries again, she makes a comment back that relates to Chris’s soccer game and they have a successful conversation!

Making Eye Contact

Owen doesn’t make eye contact when he has a conversation with Johnny. Johnny feels confused by this and thinks Owen doesn’t want to talk to him. When Owen changes his behavior and looks at Johnny while they talk, the conversation goes smoothly.

Think it or Say It

When Alessandra gets a gift she from Serena that she doesn’t like, she hurts Serena’s feelings by telling her that. Alessandra needs to keep not-so-nice thoughts inside so she doesn’t upset other people. When she tries again, she pauses a second and wonders: Should I Think it or Say it?

Taking a Break to Calm Down

Bobby is struggling with a worksheet. He gets angrier and angrier until he explodes and rips his paper. His actions disrupted the rest of the class. When Bobby tries again, he realizes he is starting to get upset and uses his strategies to calm down. After he takes a deep breath, he starts to feel better.

Seeing Someone Else’s Side

Kate accidentally steps on Mike’s sneakers, and Mike gets very upset. Kate doesn’t understand why Mike is so upset, because it’s just an accident. Mike doesn’t understand why Kate doesn’t care. When it happens again, they think about the other person’s side – Kate knows these are Mike’s favorite sneakers, so she apologizes. Mike understands it was just an accident, and it’s no big deal.

Listening With Your Body

Jeff is working on the computer when Mike and Kate want to talk. Jeff doesn’t turn around from the computer, so his friends aren’t sure if he wants to talk. Jeff should show he’s listening with his eyes, ears, and body. Next time, he turns around to make sure his friends know he’s listening.

Get a Free, Unlimited 30 Day Trial of Our Entire Social Skills Video Library

Click here to get a 30 Day FREE, unlimited trial of our social skills videos. You will NOT be charged until 30 days from the date you sign up. So, if the videos aren’t for you, cancel anytime before then and you won’t be charged a penny. If you decide you like the videos, you can stay subscribed to lock in your price – it’ll never go up, no matter how many videos we add. We just filmed a bunch more videos, which will be coming soon! If you subscribe today, you’ll get those at no additional charge.

For More Information

For more detail, go to our Social Skills Video page here.

Need a purchase order? Just have more questions on how the videos work? Contact us.

Free Social Skills Worksheets – 20 Activities To Make Your Day a Bit Easier!



Update: We’ve released a lot more free social skills activities! To get them, visit this link.

We’ve created a FREE  packet of 20 worksheets to use during your social skills/pragmatics lessons! From games to group rules and daily schedules, these worksheets are designed to be a fun, interactive way for a single student or group to learn. All the worksheets were developed by Brittany Lehane, CCC-SLP.

Here’s what Brittany has to say about the worksheets:

Use these activities to expand your students’ social communication skills. Lessons range from the basics of having conversations to understanding the nuances of abstract language. Teach how to recognize feelings, solve problems, compromise, and use language. These worksheets can be used for group or individual lessons.

To download the worksheets, visit this link.


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